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The Best Cover For Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are still a fairly new concept, but as their amazing health benefits have gained more awareness, weighted blankets have increased in popularity. Although they can vary in size, like duvets and comforters, what makes a weighted blanket unique is its ability to help people relax and sleep better through deep touch pressure. Weighted blankets are suitable for children and adults, and they can range in weight, from 5 lbs up to 35 lbs, according to your size and needs. 

Have you ever wondered why some weighted blanket companies also sell covers for their blankets, and others don’t? Every weighted blanket is unique and whether you want to use a cover is completely up to you, but it can make your weighted blanket experience more comfortable and helps keep it cleaner. 

Like any other blanket, weighted blankets get dirty with use and need to be cleaned. It’s possible to simply wash your weighted blanket as needed, but frequent washing of your weighted blanket can not only damage your washing machine but the blanket itself. At Cooshi, we recommend you use a cover for your weighted blanket because it will help protect and lengthen the lifespan to your weighted blanket. 

Why Use A Cooshi Cover For Your Weighted Blanket?

An average weighted blanket cover has 4-8 ties, designed to connect the blanket with the cover and prevent it from slipping. Industry research and customer reviews prove that 4-8 ties are not enough to stop the blanket from sliding around, which creates poor weight distribution and defeats the whole purpose of your weighted blanket. Cooshi offers the best cover for weighted blankets, made with highest quality materials and a total of 12 tie points, which makes it compatible with other weighted blankets as well. 

Our weighted blanket covers are made with premium minky fabric, to ensure your cover is soft, breathable and light while you sleep. Due to its strong composition, a minky duvet cover for weighted blankets will protect your blanket from daily wear and tear, as well as stains. With a silky soft cashmere side and light textured fluffy side, Cooshi offers two ways for you to enjoy your weighted blanket in comfort.

blankets are easier to care for when they are well protected. Our washer friendly cover will safeguard your blanket and make clean up a snap. Distributing the weight along 12 tie points holds the blanket securely in place while also extending the life of your blanket. Small differences, meaningful results.

Our minky duvet cover for weighted blankets come in twin, queen and king sizes, to match your weighted blanket. Each minky cover is available in four colors: light grey, dark grey, cream and navy. Most importantly, all Cooshi covers are designed to last and will protect your blanket for years to come, making this the best cover for weighted blankets.


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