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About Us

Family is important to all of us, and my family is the inspiration behind Cooshi. For years, my daughter Julia suffered with anxiety and as a result, struggled sleeping. We tried different methods to help her, but nothing worked as well as a weighted blanket. Her first week with that weighted blanket offered some of the best night’s sleep of her life, and it gave her a sense of comfort no other blanket could provide. The success my daughter had with her weighted blanket sparked the idea to create Cooshi.


cooshi weighted blanket


Cooshi is a family business, run by me and my daughter, out of our home in Savannah, GA. My initial goal when starting Cooshi was to make a great quality product. After seeing first-hand how supportive a weighted blanket could be to improve sleep and reduce anxiety, I wanted to share that with others. My plan for the profits of Cooshi was to save enough money to help my kids through college debt free. Julia has big dreams of going to medical school, and as we began selling our weighted blankets, she would occasionally ask if we really were going to be able to make enough to support her through college. My answer to her was always the same: I don’t really know.

And then, something wonderful happened. Cooshi was growing more than we could have imagined, through our website, Amazon and Facebook page. Suddenly, we were reaching new customers all over the United States, and even to unexpected places around the world. Our customers have left beautiful, thoughtful comments, not only about the quality of our product, but how it had an impact on their lives. Some wanted to sleep better, others had a chronic issue that they were dealing with, and others wanted to give a weighted blanket to a family member or friend that they cared about. Every message and comment we received has been extremely moving, and we’ve read them all. Julia’s questions about our father-daughter business turned away from our profits for her school, and into: How can we help more people?

At Cooshi, we believe that sleep matters, because you matter. Our weighted blankets are designed to lightly conform to your body to help you sleep through the night and awake rested and refreshed. You don't have to compromise quality to have a luxurious weighted blanket at an affordable price. Cooshi blankets are thoughtfully made with 100% cotton, a special blend of beads and filling, to softly distribute the weight of the blanket over you. Cooshi weighted blankets will gently hug you, leaving you soothed and calm while you sleep.

When you purchase one of our blankets, you become part of the Cooshi family. The blanket you use is similar to the one Julia still sleeps with every night, and we want you to have the same wonderful experience she has had. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee because we love our customers and pride ourselves in taking care of you should a concern arise. When one of our weighted blankets is returned, my daughter and I donate them to local charities.

Thanks again for the support. We are very grateful.