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Free Lightly Loved Blanket for Charities

My daughter and I have decided to give our opened returned blankets away to relevant charities.  We will even ship the blankets for free via UPS ground.  We have no idea how many blankets this will be but if demand is greater than supply we will create a waiting list.  We will inspect them to make sure they are still usable but obviously there is no guarantee associated with this gift.

Must be an actual charity that has a practical use for a weighted blanket.  For example: We like ducks, they are cute, they waddle, they quack, they will eat my stale bread, but I don't think we are going to send a weighted blanket to Ducks Unlimited.

If you are are or know of a charity that could put a lightly used weighted blanket to good use please just reach out to us and we will put you on the list.  When you get the blanket we are not asking for anything in return but if you could share a picture of the blanket at your charity with us we would be grateful.