15lb and 20lb Queen Sized Weighted Blankets now available on Amazon

Our Story - Why sell a Weighted Blanket?

What does a parent do when their daughter is having trouble sleeping at night.  Try and find a solution.  Any solution!  Rolling the dice I bought a $200 weighted blanket online a few years ago.  Even though it was two inches two short my daughter claimed it "did the trick" and helped her to achieve a good nights sleep.

I showed the blanket to a friend with an extensive background in textiles who commented on how expensive yet shoddy the blanket was.  $200 is a lot of money, their should be a more affordable option, and I thought how hard could it be to start my own company.  

So, with that goal in mind, I started Cooshi Weighted Blankets with the help of my daughter. It has not been easy, every penny I have saved has gone into it, but it has been so worth it.  We are really happy with our blanket.  We have a great supplier and we price the blanket fairly.  We will take care of our customers, give back to those around us, and in the long run that should make all the difference.