15lb and 20lb Queen Sized Weighted Blankets now available on Amazon

Use and Care

I have this beautiful restoration hardware blanket my ex bought.  It cost a small fortune and personally I never would have bought it but I love the blanket.  I wash it every week and use it every night.  I'm an adult, and don't take this blanket with me when I travel, but it is my "blankie".  Finally, after four years of constant use it started fraying.  A year after that it has some noticeable holes.  Which seems fair.  Nothing lasts forever.  

Well, weighted blankets are even more problematic to care for then my deluxe yet very light blankie.  Over time they will break down and when they do, because there are hundreds of beads in each pocket, it can be a mess.  No way around it and that is why a little thought and prevention will go a long way.

Washable?  Yes.  Our blankets can be machine washed.  We recommend you keep the temperature on cold.  We do not advise tumble drying.  Air drying is best and we understand this is an inconvenience.  These blankets are twice as heavy when wet and getting them as dry as possible quickly would be ideal.  If you want to go against our recommendation and toss it in the dryer please make sure your dryer can handle the weight and imbalance created by the blanket and dry on low. 

Dry Cleaning?  Absolutely.  That will work.

Ironing?  Bleaching?  No.  Big no.  Highly advise against either.

Our Advice?  We recommend a duvet cover.  Easy to wash and dry, replaceable, and with our twelve point tie system the weight will not move around in the blanket.